An Overview of the Many Bloggers Who Spend Time Writing About La Jolla

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La Jolla Experts

La Jolla is a wonderful town in southern California. Just a few minutes away from downtown and north county San Diego, it’s right in the center of all the action. Many bloggers spend time writing about La Jolla, but two bloggers have really caught my attention when it comes to this beach city. Some of their stories are just too good not to share, so I thought I would bring them to light. They are working hard to bring exciting content to the web, all about La Jolla! Here are my two favorite La Jolla experts, along with another very helpful site:

La Jolla Experts

La Jolla Mom

One of my all-time favorite bloggers and La Jolla expert is Katie Dillon, aka La Jolla Mom. When I first moved to San Diego, her website is what I found first in a “San Diego blog” search. La Jolla Mom spends most of her time traveling the world with her family, but when she does come back to home base, it’s La Jolla that she returns to. Her site is full of tips and tricks for traveling, but her most fascinating section is the “La Jolla/San Diego” section. She writes a lot about events that are happening right here in San Diego, and how you can experience them best. (Make sure to check out surfing Santa coming November 28th, see more here.) She has a fresh take on events, and a family touch that brightens every story she writes. I love how she tells a unique story through each blog post, and brings her readers even closer into her life! My favorite story she has is about Mt. Soledad and why parents should take their kids there. (Read it here.) I can connect with her on a lot of levels, as her son is 8 and my son will turn 8 this coming May! Make sure to check out her website if you’re planning to travel to La Jolla soon! 

La Jolla Experts

Mary Desjean

One of our featured bloggers here on San Diego Lifestyle Blog, Mary Desjean, has written a lot about La Jolla, and is definitely a La Jolla expert. (Read the feature article she wrote for us here.) She has visited a lot of La Jolla restaurants, and really gives an in-depth look at these dining locations. Check out all of her La Jolla food stories and find out what La Jolla  truly tastes like. From coffee shops to breakfast, lunch and dinner restaurants, Mary has written about it all and has tons to share! One of my favorite stories she has written is this one about Whisknladle, one of my favorite places to eat in San Diego. I love her writing style, it’s very comedic. I also love that she was on the top of our search results for great restaurants in San Diego, and think she’s definitely someone you should get to know if you don’t already. Everyone loves to eat, and reading her stories helps me get right to the point of where to eat and what to order when I get there.

La Jolla Experts

Other La Jolla Websites

This website, La Jolla By the Sea, claims to be the “official site of La Jolla” highlighting events, activities, and places to go around town. You can book a stay in La Jolla through this website, and they also have a great events calendar. Sign up to receive news, events, and updates. It includes where to eat, what to do and where to stay. You can also look at beach guides, maps and directions. I use this site to check-in on new restaurants and read more about what they’re like before I even leave the house.

Bloggers in La Jolla never run out of new things to write about. There is always a new place to visit, restaurant to dine at, or activity to experience. Make sure to read these stories, along with our other La Jolla articles, and do your research before you go out on the town to enjoy yourself. You can also check out these sites 

San Briego

La Jolla Blue Book

for other information about La Jolla.

La Jolla Experts

What is your favorite aspect of La Jolla? We would love to hear about your favorite places to go, and what you love to do in La Jolla!