Celebrating My 26th Birthday Today and Focusing on What Living in San Diego Can Teach Me

“It takes a long time to become young.” -Pablo Picasso

Even though I’ve only been alive for 26 years today, now that I’m officially in my “late twenties” I’m feeling pretty thoughtful about life, and I believe that living in San Diego can teach me a lot going forward. I feel I’ve learned so much, and I know I stil have a lot left to learn. Here are some of the main things I’ve learned in the past 26 years, a few things I’m looking forward to learning from this wonderful city, and what I am doing today on my birthday to celebrate where I am right now in life.

The skills I’ve learned most over the past 26 years are:

Living in San Diego
Dedication is something that I never cared about too much until I was about…25. This past year, I’ve really started to realize that if I want something, I can’t just ask my parents, find an easier, round about way, or “not worry about it” like I did when I was 20 and the world was at my fingertips. I’m getting more interested in fitness and health the past few months, and what I’m finding out is that if you want something you MUST be willing to put the work in, and not just put the work in, but stop complaining. (This is something I’m still working on.) If you decide for yourself that you want to lose 10 pounds, and then you complain every time someone brings a donut around you, it’s counter productive. You must be dedicated to your goals.
Living in San Diego
Mystery is something no one ever brings up, but I think it’s something very important that I’ve learned over the past 10 years especially. Going from a bold 16 year old who could drive anywhere in the world, to an 18 year old living on my own with a child, and then a 21 year old who could go anywhere and get as crazy as I wanted with no apparent consequences, I thought mystery was the anti-life. I figured you neeeded to get out there as much as possible, become friends with the entire world and live wild and free. Now I see that there is no real problem with living like that, except when it gets boring, which often times doesn’t take more than a year or two. I have learned that mysetery is the key ingredient to keeping life balanced. Yes you have to have friends, but you also have to have down time, photos you don’t post to social media, and “inside stories” with your real true friends.
Living in San Diego
Passion is one of those things that I consistently see people lose as they grow older. They forget what they wanted when they were 18 and graduating high school. They forget that the hard working jobs in between are supposed to be just that, in between. You’re supposed to be stressed and feel pressured, but only until you figure out the key components to your success, to your goals and your dreams. As I head into my late twenties, I want to remind myself that it’s ok to be silly, have fun times, take a day off here and there and just live. Life goes way too fast not to.
What I think living in San Diego can teach me going forward:
Living in San Diego
Time Management
You would think that a full time Realtor in San Diego with a child would be able to figure out how to manage her time perfectly, but nope not yet. I have yet to master this skill, and I’m thinking it may just be a life skill you sharpen over time. Living in San Diego will help me perfect this skill because there are so many incredible things to do in this town, so you truly have to manage your time well in order to get your work done, and set aside some time to relax and cut loose.
Living in San Diego
Work Ethic
There is no better city to teach you a work ethic than San Diego. Ok, maybe Los Angeles and New York have higher rents, but around southern California, this is one of the most expensive cities, and when you’re committed to living here full time, you have to decide what you’re going to work hard at, and go for it every day in order to succeed. In Michigan where I grew up, you really didn’t have to work too awfully hard to be able to pay your rent and enjoy the two months of summer when they did come around. Here in San Diego, it’s much different. You actually want to be outside enjoying your life 365 days a year, which is tough to do when you need to work full time. I am excited to learn more about how people here in San Diego seem to manage this skill with ease.
Living in San Diego
Healthy Living
I think living in San Diego helps you achieve a healthier living style, almost faster than any other city. There are SO many activities to do outside here, that it’s impossible to ignore your figure and eat all the junk food you want, without wanting to or being invited to some outdoor activities where you will burn calories. I haven’t figured out why this city is so into fitness, but I am more motivated now than ever to find out. I am working out more since I moved here than ever before in my life, and now with juice bars like Vitality Tap popping up everywhere, I am so intrigued to learn all I can about nutrition as well.
Living in San Diego
Today for my birthday, I am heading down to Del Mar to shop a bit, and then relax on the beach. There is no better place in San Diego on your birthday then on the beach, laying in the sun, putting all of your worries aside. I am going to head to Sbicca for dinner (they have the BEST lettuce wraps) and then head home to reflect on my life so far, and how amazing it has been. Especially since living in San Diego, I have had the most incredible opportunities to meet new people and experience things that have caused me to mature a lot. I feel so incredibly blessed to be living in San Diego, and I am so happy to be 26 and celebrating my special day today!
Living in San Diego
Have you grown up in San Diego and if so, what do you think growing up here has taught you? Do you think you have a lot left to learn from America’s finest city? I would love to hear your opinion!