Our Nine Favorite Reasons to Play The Loma Club;  a Fun 9-hole, Par-3 Point Loma Public Course for Golf in San Diego

“Golf is a good walk spoiled.” – Mark Twain

The Loma Club is a public course for golf in San Diego, but what you don’t know about it is that it is SO much fun to play! I played here a few weeks ago, and it was actually my first time playing 9 holes outside of The Bridges at Rancho Santa Fe. Up until that day, I had only taken a few lessons here and there off of my “home turf” and never played a full 9 holes anywhere. It was an incredible day, on an incredible course, so of course I want to tell you all about it! Watch this clip, and then I’ll give you nine great reasons to golf at The Loma Club:

1. It’s a Public Course: Being from a private country club, I would think at first that this would be a negative, but it’s actually a great thing. For being a public course, it’s actually not very busy any time of the day, making it easy to get a tee time. You can bring anyone you want to play with, since they don’t have to be a member, and it is has a spectacular view, something a lot of private clubs don’t even have.

2. It’s Inexpensive: This golf course is just $14/person to play! Compared to some other public courses, and private clubs especially, this is a great deal! You can easily book a tee time online, and they even have specials on certain times, so if you’re flexible on days and times, you can play the entire course for just $8!

golf in San Diego

3. It Boasts a Great View: From many of the holes, you can see the entire downtown skyline, and its amazing! When you park, and even as you’re walking up to the clubhouse and onto the first few holes, you don’t realize what a secret treasure this course truly is. You can actually take a break mid-round and look at the view without having to be pushed along by the next players.

4. It’s Great For Working on Your Short Game: Need help with your long drives? Head to another course. But, if you need to work on your short game, The Loma Club is where it’s at. Being a par-3 course, you don’t have to worry about hitting it wayyyy into the woods or into a lake. The only shots you need to take are nice easy swings, and work on your irons and your chipping/putting.

golf in San Diego

5. There’s a Chipping and Putting Area: Don’t worry if you haven’t practiced before your round, there is a chipping and putting green at The Loma Club. When I started to play golf in San Diego, I learned that practicing is essential. I’ve been trying to work on my chipping more lately, so being at The Loma Club, I get to practice quite a bit before heading out to the course.

6. It’s a Walking Course: I love being active in San Diego, and golfing at The Loma Club is a great way to get some exercise. Normally I hate saying that I get exercise from golfing, because at most private (and public) clubs you get in a golf cart and you can just drive around and only get out to hit your ball a few feet away. The Loma Club, being a walking course, means there are no golf carts, and you have to walk (and carry your clubs) the entire 9 holes. Some locals don’t prefer this, but I LOVE it! This course is so easy to walk, there is one small hill, and the rest is a piece of cake! The club will rent you a push cart for your golf bag if you’d rather push your clubs, so don’t fret if you’re bag is terribly heavy.

golf in San Diego

7. Leave Your Driver & Fairway Woods In the Car, You Won’t Need Them: It’s a walking course, remember?! So, before you jump out of your car and lug your entire bag to the clubhouse, check to make sure you’ve taken your driver and your fairway woods out of your bag. Trust me, you won’t need them on this course. It’s all easily walkable, and playable with your irons and hybrids. Taking everything that you won’t need out of your bag will help a lot when it comes to having to carry it.

8. There’s a Full Service Snack Bar: If you’re like me, you always are snacking on the golf course. Whether it’s beer or pretzels or grapes or a sandwich, The Loma Club has it for you! (Ok, don’t quote me on their exact snack availability, but you get the hint.) Have a bite to eat before or after your round of golf, or even between rounds if you want to play the course again. Corvette Diner is right around the corner too, so you can grab lunch there if you’re looking for something different.

golf in San Diego

9. It’s Conveniently Located Right Next to I-5: From almost any point in town, it takes only about 30 minutes or less to get to this course to golf in San Diego. You’ll need to take exit 20 off of Highway I-5, and take Rosecrans down to Truxtun Rd. It’s only about 5 minutes from the highway, so it’s very convenient to everyone in San Diego!

The Only Disadvantage is the Airport Noise: Living in another city my whole life, I enjoy the sounds and sights of the airplanes traveling overhead heading for the San Diego International Airport. However, if you are a golfer who needs peace and quiet in order to have the best game, this course might be a bit tough. Being so close to downtown and the airport, you will hear some planes flying by, but my fiance and I barely noticed, so it’s not loud enough to really make a big difference.

golf in San Diego

Next time you’re looking for a great course to play here in San Diego, try The Loma Club! This course has an incredible view of the city’s skyline, and it’s SO easy to get a tee time. This little public walking course is a perfect way to get a workout in and improve your golf game at the same time. Have you golfed here? What did you think about the airplane noise?! We’d love to hear!