I had the opportunity of sitting down to talk to Michael Bosstick, founder of Dear Media, (and husband to Lauryn with theskinnyconfidential.com) about all things fashion, marketing and business! Watch this video to learn how he has built a media company from the ground up and what his plans are for the near future!

Questions I asked Michael:

-How do you choose what you wear, especially in San Diego? (He loves black jeans and sweaters, find out why!)

-Which stores do you shop at most in San Diego? (He does not like going to most stores, beware.)

-Did you grow up here in San Diego?

-Did you used to party downtown a lot? (He loves Bang Bang just like I do!)

-I interviewed your wife Lauryn all about what she loves in San Diego. (Watch that interview here!) Where do you love to eat in San Diego?

-Who as the better diet? You or Lauryn?

-Do you have any special places you take your dogs in San Diego?

-How did you start Dear Media? Tell me a bit about your background in media/marketing.

-How does Dear Media help local email podcasters?

-What’s the biggest challenge you have when hiring new people into your company? (He thinks it’s very important to clarify your message from the top down.)

-What is life like with Lauryn? (He starts this answer with, “She’s definitely not the easiest!” Oh boy!)

-What’s your favorite platform on social media right now? (His answer may surprise you!)

-Do you think one social channel will become dominant? (He is a big fan of keeping control of your audience through blogs, email lists and podcasts.)

Talking to Michael was so informative, and I love hearing about what he and Lauryn are up to in San Diego, and all over the world! If you’d like to keep up with his daily shenanigans check out his Instagram profile (or listen to his podcasts since that’s where he is most active!) What was your biggest takeaway from this interview?