One of the best parts of discovering your purpose, is it reignites your passion. Part of the discovery process includes determining where you can best serve with your purpose. Like magic, purpose brings passion, meaning and impact like nothing else can.

In my interview with successful business owner Mike Gaetke, you learn how he is hitting one of life’s major milestones – the sale of his successful business and journey into, “What’s next”? After climbing a few hills in life, Mike found himself asking a very important question, “What is my legacy going to be?”

Mike was able to avoid being defined by the business but used his success in business as a platform that has impacted the world.

See how Mike transformed his life into something bigger and more meaningful in this two series podcast


  • How finding your purpose can open up new doors
  • How Servant Leadership changed everything for Mike personally and professionally
  • Why it’s important to invest in other’s success

Part 2 of the interview is here.