Atom Tickets is Providing a VIP Experience to the Movies in San Diego and Soon Nationwide

“A good film is when the price of the dinner, the theatre admission and the babysitter were worth it.” -Alfred Hitchcock

The Atom Tickets app is a social mobile ticketing application that allows movie goers to purchase movie tickets in advance, and include friends in the fun! When I first heard about this app, I started thinking about how annoying it is when you have to wait for your friends outside of the movies until everyone gets there, and then go in together. Then you all have to wait in line to get popcorn and soda, and hopefully not miss the beginning of the movie. It’s quite a process, and I was really excited to learn about how this company has turned the experience of going to the movies in San Diego around completely. I sat down with Veronica from the Atom Tickets app and had the opportunity to learn all about how their application is making is more convenient than ever to go to the movies these days. Watch what she has to say:

With the Atom Tickets app, there are several cool aspects that will make your movie theater experience better forever. Here are a few:

This Atom Tickets app has the same easy-to-follow format as Uber and Starbucks, making it so simple to sign up, pay for movie tickets, select options and eventually return to purchase again. It is already integrated into all Regal and AMC movie theaters, so when you get to the theater, there are no extra steps. You just walk up, scan your code, and head straight for the Atom Tickets concessions line.

You can always check the app to see what movies are coming out soon, even if they’re not at an AMC or Regal Cinemas theater, and you can get information quickly right on the app including trailers, similar movies, and more. No need to head over to IMDB to learn more about the cast, it’s all right in the Atom Tickets App.

You can pre-purchase tickets, for you, another friend, or an entire group. Purchase within the app, and send the link with QR code to all your friends who you’ve paid for! Oh, and don’t forget to order your concessions right in the app also, they will be waiting for you (hot food, cold drinks) when you arrive to walk into the theater. There is a special Atom Tickets app line where you go directly to pick up your snacks. Think Cinepolis, (our family LOVES Cinepolis) but at SO many more theaters, with the same great pricing of a regular theater!

It’s fun to start a “rally” and find out when all of your friends are available, (time and day, maybe whole weekend) right within the simple chat area of the app! You can add them right from Facebook, so their information and even their face will pop up in the app. Once your whole group decides on a good time and movie, you can order your tickets and concessions. If your friends buy tickets before you do, you will see exactly in the theater they are sitting so you can buy tickets for seats next to them No more waiting outside and missing any bit of the movie!

Right now, you get a FREE ticket to the movies in San Diego if you download the app! No gimmicks, just straight forward awesomeness. Download the app for FREE, put your card information in so that it is on file, and checkout. You’ll see the free movie right in there as you checkout, and you can head to the movies as soon as possible for FREE! It doesn’t get much better than that!

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I am loving this idea, and have already started using this app quite a bit. It just makes it so easy to enjoy movies in San Diego, “VIP-Style.” Atom Tickets will be nationwide by Labor Day this year, so you will only be hearing and seeing more and more from this helpful company. Have you seen the Atom Tickets concessions lines at theaters yet?! We’d love to hear your thoughts!