“The sea is emotion incarnate. It loves, hates, and weeps. It defies all attempts to capture it with words and rejects all shackles. No matter what you say about it, there is always that which you can’t.” ― Christopher Paolini, Eragon Ocean Beach San Diego

Picking a beach to go spend the day at in San Diego is sort of like picking which crayon you want to color with first when you open up a brand new box of Crayolas! Should you start with aqua-marine? Lavender? Fire-engine red? Pretty in pink? SO MANY CHOICES!! And all so alluring…
But I had heard about the laid back appeal of Ocean Beach and have to admit it; since my very first visit I’ve been back countless times! The “hippie vibes” of the neighbourhood literally run right up to the boarder of the sand. You really get the local feel from both the people and the shops that line the streets. Here are six great reasons to visit Ocean Beach in San Diego this week:
Ocean Beach San Diego
Sandy Beach
Ocean beach has 2 parts to it – an awesome dog park and (separated by large rocks) a side just for two legged and hairless creatures often referred to as humans. 🙂 The first time my family and I went to Ocean beach we spent the day on the non-dog side. The sand is soft, the tide is gentle and if you walk to the south-most side you can explore little tide-pools (if the tide is low enough) and get great photos under the pier. If you venture up onto the pier it’s a really great walk to look out onto the ocean and into the horizon. Sunsets are stunning up there!! Under the pier, down on the sand, is typically a great place to collect some sea shells as well.. you will often see kids of various ages filling up their buckets with little treasures they are finding.
Delicious Food
Another well kept secret is the little old restaurant up on the pier called OCEAN BEACH CAFE which serves a wicked fish and chips!! You can sit on benches at the end of the pier and relax as you sit above the sway of the sea.
Ocean Beach San Diego
Picnic Area
Ocean beach also has some grassy areas which are great for picnics if you don’t want to get sandy. There are some beach volleyball courts as well.
Ocean Beach San Diego
Dog Friendly Area
The dog side of the beach has a really big sand stretch and a long shore for dogs and their owners to play fetch together. When I went with my friend I was surprised to see how well all the dogs seemed to play next to one another and it was adorable to witness the joy they found splashing about in the water.
Weekly Farmer’s Market
Another great note about the Ocean Beach area is the Farmer’s Market they have every Wednesday between 4-8pm (4-7pm in winter months). Come down and support San Diego’s local farmers and stock up on fresh fruits and veggies. There are also plenty of vendors with fresh hot food to eat right away and some unique homemade arts and crafts.
Ocean Beach San Diego
Incredible Community Nearby
If you want to venture up into the community you will find quaint little ice cream shops, famous burger joints and even affordable shopping stops with super cute beachy & bohemian styles.
Overall Ocean Beach is a WIN WIN, with a wide variety of options to enjoy. Once you visit, you will likely find yourself coming back for more 😉 Perfect for singles, couples & families – everyone can have a good time and get their west-coast-fix in “OB!”
Cheers, Chels