San Diego Clean ClosetHave you ever gotten home from a long Opening Day at the Del Mar Racetrack, or an afternoon shopping at Flower Hill Promenade, taken your things up to your closet, and thought, “I have way too many clothes!”?! Maybe you don’t really have too many clothes. Maybe they are just unorganized. At one point in time or another, everybody’s closet turns into a cluttered nightmare of clothes and storage. If you’re worried about an avalanche of t-shirts, shoes, and jeans crushing you when you open those doors, then it’s time to get organized.

While rooting through your stuff and reorganizing can seem like a daunting task, it’s a lot easier than most people think. Plus, the satisfying feeling of having everything in its place is worth the time it takes to clean things up.

No more searching for that one shirt you want to wear tonight in Del Mar, that pair of shoes you knew would be perfect for a night out to Herringbone, or trying to find your favorite pair of jeans. Follow these three ideas, and you’ll be on easy street when it comes to getting ready.

San Diego Clean Closet

1. Change Up Your Space

Once you’ve taken everything out of your closet (organizing them neatly, of course), and cleaned every surface, take a moment to look at what you’re working with. Part of the reason many closets turn into messy nightmares is because they don’t make good use of their space.

Instead of falling into the same trap a second time, consider taking out any shelving that doesn’t make sense and replace it. Maybe your shirts hang so low that they scrape the floor. You might benefit from two clothes racks on one side and shoe holders on the other. Maybe you need a shelf up top for storage.

Take everything you own into consideration and decide on whether or not you should rearrange the way your closet stores your things. Adding shelving to your closet is simple, and can help you make the most of your space.


2. Make Every Inch Count

Dead space inside of a closet is another reason things end up cluttered. Often times, the way shelving or hanging racks are placed leave a ton of unused space. There are a few easy ways to fix that problem, no matter how it presents itself.

If you find yourself with a ton of leftover horizontal space, usually in-between hanging clothes and the floor, then pick up some double hangs. These nifty items allow you to hang multiple clothing items in the same space, which means twice the number of outfits you could store there before.

Keeping your store-for-later items up top is highly recommended, but some closets have their top shelf too high up to reach. Purchase a step stool to reach that shelf, then store it in the corner. This doubles by helping you to not throw random things in the corner with it.

When it comes to shoes, storage can be rough. Shoe racks and holders can take up a lot of space on the floor of your closet, so opt for an over the door rack instead. You’ll be amazed at how much space is cleared up, and how it easy it is to find the exact pair of shoes you’re looking for.

San Diego Clean Closet

3. Put Everything In Its Place

Whether you have a series of winter coats, flannels, or customized Move U jackets (Move U can customize cheer jackets for any size team), you’ll be doing yourself a favor by making sure every item has its own place. Start with your jackets, then end with your least worn clothing items on the other side of your closet.

Separate everything by what it is. T-shirts should have their own section, while jeans or button up shirts would have another. Keeping things in specific places makes them 10 times easier to find when you need them. You’ll thank yourself later.


Keeping Your Closet Organized Going Forward

It isn’t always too easy to keep things in order after you’ve organized your closet. However, if you stick with the organization system you’ve created and avoid the urge to throw things in the corner, you should be able to maintain a constantly neat space where everything is easy to locate when you need it.

Cleaning out your closet takes time, but the end result is worth every second of planning and hard work. Reward yourself after with a night out, and take advantage of how quickly you can put an outfit together now that everything is nice and organized!