“Transform Your Style, Transform Your Life!” is the Motto of Personal Stylist Jasmin Zunzunia

“You can’t fake passion.” -Barbara Corcoran

I was searching online for new fall wardrobe ideas, since my personal style is not very, “well thought out” as you might say. I found Jasmin’s website www.JasminZunzunia.com and instantly was interested. Jasmin is a personal stylist here in San Diego and every “Fashion Friday” she sends out an email with fashion tips! She has a technology based background, but she broke away from the corporate world to follow her love of fashion. I emailed her asking tons of questions, and she was very kind to answer each one! Here’s what we went over:

San Diego Lifestyle: Jasmin, I love your site and fashion advice, tell me more about you!

Jasmin Zunzunia: Growing up I always loved fashion and technology, but I chose the “safe” route because there was a clear path to success and financial security. As the years went by, I kept trying to “make things work,” but my heart wasn’t in it. When your heart isn’t in something you do, day in and day out, you feel like you’re dying a slow death, and it affects everything in your life – your relationships, your health, and your overall zest for life. The majority of people are unhappy at work, and I decided that I no longer wanted to be a part of the majority.

Jasmin Zunzunia

SDL: Wow, so that’s when you switched to being a personal stylist? What exactly does that mean?

JZ: A personal stylist is about more than just shopping for pretty clothes! I empower my clients by helping them develop a truly unique style and wardrobe that fits their lifestyle. Often times people don’t realize that what they’re wearing affects how they feel and how they go about various aspects of their day-to-day life. Other times people know that what they’re wearing isn’t making them feel that great, but they don’t know how to “fix” things. That’s where I come in. I truly believe that every person deserves to feel like superwoman (or superman) every day!

SDL: Your services also include style transformation and event styling correct? Tell me a little more about your consultation phone call, and how that allows your clients to better connect with you.

JZ: The objective of my consultation phone call is to learn more about my client’s wardrobe challenges and let them know how I can help them. We already have enough daily stressors in our lives and getting dressed every morning shouldn’t be one of them! The best thing about your wardrobe and style is that you can change it IMMEDIATELY. You don’t have to work really hard for a few months before you see results.

SDL: That’s great! Your “In-Person Style Deep Dive” includes something called a Closet Reboot. Tell me more about what you do with clients’ closets. Do you throw out most of their clothes?

JZ: I believe that everything starts in my clients’ closets. If your closet is a disaster, adding new clothes will just make it a pretty disaster. Most people don’t wear at least half of their closet for various reasons. Sometimes they are saving clothes for a “special” occasion. Other times they are holding onto clothes that they are hoping will fit them again “one day.” Why can’t every day be a special occasion? There is no better time than NOW to live your highest quality life in the best wardrobe possible, so I help my clients free themselves of the clothes that are no longer serving them. During the Closet Reboot process, we go through every item in their closet and I ask them a series of questions. In the end, I believe the most important questions are:

Do you LOVE this item? and

Are you in LOVE with the way you look in this item?

The amount of clothes my clients let go of varies. My goal is to have my clients wear 100% of their closet, and I teach my clients that they don’t need to settle when it comes to their wardrobe!

Jasmin Zunzunia

SDL: Do you try to work with what the client already has and build on that, or do you work to create a totally new look for the client?

JZ: For event styling I create a completely new look and in some cases several looks if there are a series of events they are attending. For my J To Z Style Transformation, it really depends on the client. Sometimes they may have a solid work wardrobe but are missing casual or date night wear. Other times my clients have gone through a major life-changing event (weight loss, divorce, etc.) and they want to start from scratch. My Wardrobe Refresh is perfect if they already have great pieces to work with but need help filling in the gaps.

SDL: How interesting, sounds like you think ahead for every single event! And you actually do the shopping for the client? How can you be sure they will like and appreciate what you’ve picked out for them?

JZ: After I complete the Style Deep Dive and Closet Reboot I have learned a LOT about my client! Closets tell a story, and after spending several hours with someone I can really see what is and is not working for them. Then I go back to my creative drawing board and create a personalized Style Blueprint for my client. The Style Blueprint is a virtual vision board that illustrates their new and updated style. Before I begin shopping, I get my client’s approval of their Style Blueprint. This ensures we are on the same page before I start shopping for them.

Once I get my client’s approval on their Style Blueprint, I go shopping for them based on their Style Blueprint. I then pre-style a carefully-curated collection of complete outfits (this includes clothes, shoes and accessories) for my client to try on and select from during their in-person styling session. I also bring plenty of extra backup items so they have a wide variety of options to choose from, and I take care of all exchanges and returns after the styling session.

SDL: Sounds like a win-win for the client! What is the most exciting thing about being a personal stylist?

JZ: The most exciting part about being a personal stylist is seeing my clients make a transformation right before my eyes! It’s hard to describe, but often times they walk out feeling like a new person, or at least a better version of themselves. Happy client, happy stylist!

SDL: Do you do the in-person styling session at the client’s home, your home, or a store?

JZ: The in-person styling session is usually held at the client’s home. Sometimes my clients prefer to go shopping with me, in which case I pre-shop for the client ahead of time so they walk into a fitting room that is full of options for them at each store. I make the in-person styling session as much fun as possible and have goodies waiting for the client including flowers, candles, champagne and treats!

SDL: You really go above and beyond! Do you work with only specific brands or stores?

JZ: I work with all brands and stores. I believe it is critical to give my clients OPTIONS! I personally feel that I would be doing them a disservice if I shopped at a specific set of brands and stores.

Jasmin Zunzunia

SDL: Do you get a better discount on clothes when you shop for clients?

JZ: Since I am not affiliated with specific brands or stores, I typically do not get a discount when shopping for clients. In fact, some personal stylists actually markup clothes or make a commission off certain brands and stores, which I never do. In the end I want what is best for my client!

SDL: I love the idea of your “Style Soiree” you mention on your website. Is it more of a fun get together where friends can bring a few items they’re on the fence about getting rid of? Or more of a general styling party where you go over the latest trends/pieces with the group?

JZ: It is a combination of BOTH! 🙂 It’s a great way to get a taste of what a Closet Reboot is like and also get a dose of J To Z Style News and learn about the upcoming season’s trends. Add in some mimosas and it’s a party!

SDL: Ok, one more question, about cost. Can you explain a bit more about the different services you offer and the budget one needs for each?

JZ: My packages range from $500 to $2,500, and I also offer an hourly rate option for stylist/client shopping trips. I have three wardrobe budget categories; Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget (wallet-friendly options that won’t break the bank), Champagne and Strawberries (middle of the road), and Champagne and Caviar (high-end designers). I always ask my clients what they are comfortable spending and I work around that. I believe that you can look amazing at every price point, and it is my job to maximize my clients’ budget while still getting them quality pieces. I create a completely unique and personalized experience for each and every one of my clients (no cookie cutter approach here!) along with the added convenience of bringing everything to them. My clients don’t have to go to the mall or deal with the hassle of online exchanges/returns because I take care of everything for them. It’s all about giving them the ROYAL treatment!

SDL: Wow Jasmin, I am impressed and SO ready to have you come dive into my closet any day now! Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me and answer all of my questions. You are an incredible stylist and I am so glad I found you!

Looking for a stylist to help you dress for an event or completely change your entire wardrobe? Look no further, Jasmin is here, and she knows how to make it fun! Have you hired a personal stylist? Let me know how they helped you transform your clothing, and your confidence. I would love to hear all about it!