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Parkour and a Bike Pump Track Coming to Pacific Highlands Ranch

Pacific Highlands Ranch Community Park

Pacific Highlands Ranch plans to expand yet again with a large 13-acre park coming in 2018! This community park was designed with the entire community in mind, from children to teens, bikers to dog lovers and everyone in between. “The park is designed to facilitate community gathering, encourage social interaction, and offer the community with a diverse and unique blend of recreational amenities,” it states on the general development plan, which you can see in full here. The committee reached out to over 17,000 locals to get the opinions of everyone in the area before making a final decision on the design.

Pacific Highlands Ranch Community Park

Along the southwestern edge of the park there will be an indoor recreation center which will have areas for multiple sports purposes. You can see the full renderings and architectural details of the building here. Visitors to the park will be able to play basketball, volleyball, pickle ball and badminton. It will also include an arts and crafts room, multi-purpose room for dance and other exercises, and restrooms. Outside of the recreation center there will be a 5-acre multi-purpose turf field. One one end of the field there will be a stage that will provide shade, and on the opposite end, there will be a full size softball field and gazebo.

Pacific Highlands Ranch Community Park

For dog lovers, there will be two separate dog parks, one for small and one for large dogs. There will also be a parkour area, which this article describes as “an urban obstacle course that engages users by way of jumping, climbing, or running.” This area will be the first of its kind in the City of San Diego’s public park system. If you’re not familiar with what a parkour park would look like, or how to use one, check out this video:

There will also be a bike pump track, another concept not familiar to many neighbors. “A pump track is a continuous circuit of banked turns interspaced by rollers and other features that can be ridden on a bike without pedaling. Most commonly constructed from soil, riders create momentum via up and down body moments called pumping,” says this article on bermstyle.com. Although many are constructed of soil, I believe the Pacific Highlands Ranch pump track will be created of concrete. You can see photos of what the concrete surface would look like on the track here. The article also shows a lot of photos of various pump tracks so you can get a better idea of what they look like and where they came from (Surfers: think Groms of BMX) Here is a video showing a rider navigating a pump track, and explaining a bit about how to ride around the track safely. The track will be safe for riders of any age, and the best part? You don’t even have to pedal!

While 2018 does seem far off, I recently watched a video of an interview someone did in the Trader Joe’s parking lot when it was still dirt, and the video was uploaded in 2014! Time does FLY by, and Pacific Highlands Ranch keeps building and building! This community park is already underway and we should be seeing progress pretty quickly!

Although traffic will be pretty backed up during construction of this and a few other new developments, I believe that homeowners in Pacific Highlands Ranch will see the value of their homes increase due to this new development, and I cannot wait to take my furry friends to the dog park! What are your thoughts on the design?