Interview with ‘Pitch Anything’ Author Oren Klaff from Intersection Capital

“There are limits to the human attention span, which is why a pitch must be brief, concise, and interesting,” – Oren Klaff

In this interview with Oren Klaff, we discuss his journey to starting his investment banking firm, Intersection Capital, and we discuss what it was like to write and publish a book.  Oren is the author of  Pitch Anything.  In the inteveiw we discuss how the book has changed his life and his business, and some other fun and interesting things.

Intersection Capital is an investment banking firm that is focuses on raising growth capital for private companies and advising private companies in M&A transactions.  As Oren say, “They are growth junkies”.  They use the principles from Pitch Anything to help clients raise money for their companies and to help clients sell their companies.

Patrick Henry QuestFusion

Oren’s book, Pitch Anything, was published over five years ago and has become an extremely popular business book for anyone interested in the psychology of buyers of anything.  In the interview, Oren talks a bit about the book, how it has changes his life, and how it is the foundation of the referral business for Intersection Capital.

Intersection Capital

I really like many of the insights that Oren has about investors, and companies, and the value of expert knowledge in the process of raising money for your company.

This is Patrick Henry, the CEO of QuestFusion, with The Real Deal…What Matters.

This article originally appeared in QuestFusion.