Pure Barre Del Mar is a Barre studio that offers different classes throughout the week for those looking for a bit different workout then they are normally used to! If you’re a San Diego resident and you’ve never tried a Barre class before, make sure to stop by Pure Barre Del Mar and chat with the staff! They will give you a week free pass, and show you the types of exercises they will be doing and the attire to wear to class.

I caught up with Mandy Eisenhart, the owner of Pure Barre Del Mar, to talk with her before and after my very first barre class, and she explained to me exactly how it would go. I had never heard of Barre before and I did not know what it was at all. I was pretty nervous, but shared at the end how it went based on my expectations. Check it out here:

Pure Barre Del Mar has been in the Pacific Highlands Ranch Village of shops, restaurants (like Dolce at the Highlands, Crudo, Luna Grill and Breakfast Republic coming soon!) and other unique stores for three years now. Mandy’s Barre studio here in PHR was voted Best Fitness Studio in the County, and after just one class, I could see why!

What exactly is Barre??

Pure Barre is a low impact workout that focuses on the smaller groups of muscles. Every Barre class utilizes a ballet bar to do movements but you do not have to know anything about ballet to do it. You’re doing very small muscle contractions the entire class, which makes your muscles start to shake. Then you focus on that shake, and it actually changes your muscles for the better.

Pure Barre Del Mar

I survived my first class, and it was really nothing like I expected. It was a mix of ballet, hip hop, and what I would call “Zumba for the new age” A lot of people have asked me if it is anything like yoga, and I would say not that much at all. With yoga classes I always feel pressured when I walk in the room to remain silent, be serious, and know most of the motions ahead of time. With Barre, the music drives the class and the instructor helps you a lot with each position. Every time you come back you get better at each motion.

Is it hard?

Yes, but would you want your workout to be easy? It is not extremely tough and the music helps you get through it. During the class, you work the tops of your thighs, inner and outer thighs, then stretch your legs out. Then you work your seat, and stretch even more on the floor. Then you work out your abs, which is one of the more intense parts of the class. Even teachers that have been teaching for 5 years can feel the burn of each abdominal muscle and the soreness afterward from the smaller motions.

Pure Barre Del Mar

At Pure Barre Del Mar they have a 45 minute new class called Pure Empower, targeting the whole body, but you can always modify any part of the workout to make it even more simple. 14 people can come to the Pure Empower class.

Then there is the Classic Barre class which focuses more on tiny movements and motions to get your muscles to shake, and that class can hold up to 20 people. It is a bit harder than Empower, but they have clients from age 18 all the way up to 70 who have taken and loved Barre classes.

Pure Barre Del Mar

How often do people come for classes?

Most clients come to Pure Barre Del Mar 5 days a week. Some come 3-4 times a week, which is a good frequency where you really start to feel results.

What do you wear to a Barre class?

You wear socks, (sticky socks work the best, like the ones you get when you visit a child trampoline park) and leggings or capris, along with a comfortable tank top. Pure Barre Del Mar has tons of cute tops and sticky socks for sale if you need anything for class.

Pure Barre Del Mar

How much does it cost?

If you have never done Pure Barre and you are a local San Diego resident, your first week of Barre will be free at Pure Barre Del Mar! After that it is $99/month for unlimited classes. They also host fun events for Halloween or different types of holiday events. Make sure to stop by the studio located in Pacific Highlands Ranch and see for yourself what Barre is all about! Let me know how sore you are the next day, and if you start going regularly after your first class!!