Inside Look at Living in the Rancho Santa Fe Community

Rancho Santa Fe is unique compared to a lot of other areas in San Diego. (Find out all about the community here.) The homes there average 150+ days on the market when they are for sale, and usually require a buyer as exclusive as the home that’s listed. The home pictured in this story is on one of the most well-known streets, Paseo Delicias, and is listed for rent for $3,950 per month. If you are interested in more information click here or e-mail me at with questions. In my opinion, and from studying the Rancho Santa Fe real estate market over the past three years, I believe there are 9 unique characteristics of most homes in Rancho Santa Fe.

1. Privacy. Rancho Santa Fe is known for its serene location, tucked into the hillside about 15 miles East of the ocean. As you walk around the Village, you will notice how quiet and peaceful “The Ranch” is.

Rancho Santa Fe Living

2. Landscaping. Many of the homes in “The Ranch” feature a popular minimalistic landscape design, with wood chips and drought tolerant plants included. This makes for a budget friendly water bill that any homeowner or renter can truly appreciate.

3. Accessible to Town. One of the biggest selling features of any home in Rancho Santa Fe is its proximity to the Rancho Santa Fe Village. The Village features restaurants such as Nick & Gs, The Inn, Bistro and Mille Fleurs, and also shops such as Cafe Positano, Country Friends, and the Pharmacy (where many of the local kids go for an after school snack). Living on Paseo Delicias means you’re less than a 5 minute walk from all of the action! You can walk the kids to school in the morning, grab coffee, and walk back, making your morning traffic free!

4. One Story. Most of the homes that are selling faster than others in Rancho Santa Fe are single story. These homes feature all bedrooms and living spaces on one easy level so that kids and grandparents alike can walk easily throughout the home.

Rancho Santa Fe Living

5. Bright, White Kitchen. Every home owner dreams of this, and even if you’re just renting, it’s always nice to have a bright, white kitchen to cook in.

6. Enough Space for Multiple Cars. Almost everywhere in San Diego, this is a huge problem! But not in Rancho Santa Fe. Almost all of the homes in the 92067 zip code have large driveways and parking space for multiple cars. This home for rent has a two car garage, enough parking in the driveway for 2 cars, and space just past the driveway to park on the road also. Renters can enjoy having their whole family over for Thanksgiving dinner in this home.

Rancho Santa Fe Living

7. Storage. This home has storage everywhere! Bring your holiday decor, winter clothes, and all! There is extra space in the hallway closets, bedroom closets, living room wall storage cabinets and garage!

8. Large Open Rooms. Open floor plans have become quite popular over the recent years. The home on Paseo Delicias features a large open living room with hardwood floors and sliding doors that open to the outdoor patio.

Rancho Santa Fe Living

9. Outdoor Space. Many homes in Rancho Santa Fe become the heart of events and parties. While many homes in “The Ranch” are 5000+ square feet, even in this 1,700+ square foot home for rent, there is plenty of outside space to enjoy a get together with friends anytime day or night!

Rancho Santa Fe Living

For more information about Rancho Santa Fe, check out our community page here for additional stories and a map. If you have any specific real estate questions, or are interested in this home for rent, email me at