The Rolling Stones Come to San Diego!

“…and then me and Mick are going to wing on over to London and jam with the Stones…”  – Sean Penn’s character, Jeff Spicoli, in the movie “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”



The Rolling Stones are coming to San Diego this Sunday, May 24, 2015 and are playing at Petco Park.  Since my buddy Jeff is a founding season ticket for the Padres, we were able to secure some good seats for the concert.

I did a little research, and The Rolling Stones were formed in 1962.  That is the year I was born, and I’ll be 53 years old in December.  53 years!  That is crazy!!  My father worked his entire career for Union Electric, the power company in St. Louis, from the time he got out of the Marine Corps—a total of forty years.  The longest tenure I’ve had with any one company is running Entropic from 2003 through 2014—eleven years.  If you dig a little deeper, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were boyhood friends starting in 1951.  Richards has looked seconds away from death for maybe 30 years, primarily due to hardcore partying and drug use.  Talk about resilience!

I don’t know how good the concert will be, but for me it is the event of a lifetime!  I’ve never seen the Stones live.  Although there have been a number of changes to the band over the years, Jagger, Richards, and drummer Charlie Watts have been with the band from the very beginning.  Another ‘long-term’ band member is guitarist Ronnie Wood, who semi joined the band in 1975, although he was still officially a member of the band Faces at the time.  So Wood has ONLY been with the Stones for 40 years!


You can no longer see the Beatles or Led Zeppelin, so The Rolling Stones are one of the very few original British Invasion bands that are still playing. The Who perform regular concert tours now, but they only started doing this consistently again in 1996.  The Stones have been playing consistently since the band was formed in 1962.  It is really pretty unreal that Richards and Jagger are both 71 years old.

Some of the great songs from the Stones that I hope they play include:

  • (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
  • Paint it Black
  • Gimme Shelter
  • Brown Sugar
  • Under My Thumb
  • Wild Horses
  • Beat of Burden
  • Honky Tonk Woman
  • Jumpin’ Jack Flash

One of my funniest memories of the iconic nature of Mick Jagger was when Sean Penn’s character, Jeff Spicoli, in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, circa 1982, had a dream: “…and then me and Mick are going to wing on over to London and jam with the Stones…”  The 1986 movie Jumpin’ Jack Flash, with Whoopi Goldberg is named after a Stones song.  Ke$ha’s song called TiK ToK, released in 2009, has lyrics that state, “…we kick ‘em to the curb unless they look like Mick Jagger.”  Maroon 5 wrote a song about Mick, Moves Like Jagger, released in 2011, which is an all-time favorite of mine.  I’m sure there are many more film and music references to “Mick and the Stones,” but these are a few of my favorites.


In addition to his affiliation with the Stones, Mick has had affiliations with SuperHeavy, David Bowie, Matchbox 20, and, and has done duets with Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera, and others.  In 1967, Jann Wenner founded Rolling Stone magazine.  Wenner stated in the first issue that the title of the magazine referred to the 1950 blues song, Rollin’ Stone, recorded by Muddy Waters, the rock and roll band The Rolling Stones, and Bob Dylan’s hit single Like a Rolling Stone.  In any case, the magazine is called Rolling Stone.  Mick Jagger is to rock and roll what Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are to high-tech entrepreneurship…what Warren Buffet is to equity investing…what Ron Jeremy is to adult entertainment—an undeniable face of an industry!

It should be a great show…no matter what!  I’ll let you know!