Petco Park hosts The Rolling Stones kickoff Concert for their 2015 Zip Code Tour

“The Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has just published the story of her life.  I confess that it is not in my reading table.” – Mick Jagger (The Rolling Stones)


Amanda and I went to The Rolling Stones concert at Petco Park last night with two other couples.  We had champagne in the limo, brought a couple bottles of nice cabernet from our cellars, had a wonderful dinner at Oceanaire, and then dove into the sea of people downtown to see the Stones.  It was quite an event.

As we walked through Petco Park, we saw people were wearing T-shirts from all sorts of Stones concerts throughout the years.  Ages ranged from infants to people in their 80s.  Yes, some people brought their babies!  I’d say the average age was over 40, but there were a lot of people of all ages.

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It was the kick-off concert of The Rolling Stones Zip Code Tour of North America 2015.  We had floor seats about 30 rows back, and it was actually a really great concert.  The value for the dollar wasn’t there, and I wouldn’t gas-up the VW Bus to follow the Stones across the continent, but it was a really enjoyable time.  Mick Jagger had tons of energy and so did the rest of the band.  Charlie Watts was a machine on drums.  Ronnie Wood had tons of energy too.  Even Keith Richards looked alive.  Richards had the biggest smile on his face when Jagger took a break for two songs and Richards got to sing.  I think it was the only part of the show where the fans took their seats. My fiancée, who has never seen the Rolling Stones in a video online or in concert said, “It looked like a great reunion of some grandfathers playing their favorite songs and having the time of their lives!”




The Stones are such an iconic band, it is hard to write a review, so I’ve included my favorite write-ups from the press:

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Overall, I think all the fans who attended had a wonderful time.  Pretty much everyone at the concert, except the babies, knew all the words of every song and sang along most of the time. My fiancée only knew the words to the song Satisfaction, and only from a Britney Spears version, but she still thought all of the songs were fascinating and wonderful. The Stones did a single encore that was full of energy and life.  The crowd was fun and respectful. And now, everyone who went to the concert can tell their kids and grandkids that they saw the Rolling Stones; even if they saw the concert when they were six months old. Have you ever seen a Rolling Stones concert? Where was it and how old were you at the time? We’d love to hear about your experiences!