The Best Summer Camps for Kids in Rancho Santa Fe

“Listen to the mustn’ts, child. Listen to the don’ts. Listen to the shouldn’ts, the impossibles, the won’ts. Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me… Anything can happen, child. Anything can be.” -Shel Silverstein 

Rancho Santa Fe Summer Camps

My name is Kyen and I am seven years old. I am starting second grade at R. Roger Rowe Elementary School tomorrow and I am so excited! I really like sports and I am very athletic at this point. I am not sure how I got so athletic but I really like it. I think its because I went to so many different Rancho Santa Fe Summer Camps this year. The six camps I went to were archery, Cub Scouts, surf, tennis, golf and sports camp.

Archery was the first camp I went to. On the very last day, I realized that I was using the wrong hand all week. I tried to switch hands but it was hard after spending the week practicing with the other hand. My mom thought my arm would hurt but it didn’t. My instructor told me to put a protector on my arm so it wouldn’t hurt and that made it easy all week.

Cub Scout camp was next, where we spent lots of time outside and made different crafts every day. The camp was all outside, so if we needed shade we had to go under the canopy. One day we made leather lizards at our craft station, which was my favorite. To make them, the camp counselors cut a lizard shape out of a huge piece of leather that is the size of your head! Next, they helped us dunk the lizards under water for a minute. Then we took a string and put beads on it to finish the project. I loved seeing new people but there was one boy who got in trouble a lot. He kept squirting his water bottle at me. I tried to stay away from him, but he got me in trouble some days too. My mom said (sarcastically) that she is sure I didn’t do anything wrong at all to get in trouble.

Rancho Santa Fe Summer Camps

Surf camp was in Del Mar. My mom took me to the Rancho Santa Fe Community Center, where the bus picked us up. The bus was amazing. It had 12 seats with cup holders on the sides! It took us all the way to the beach and I could never imagine a better bus! When I got to the beach at first I really didn’t know what to do. I was just sitting there in the sand. The instructor told us to get a board, but I didn’t know what board to choose, or if I needed a specific kind. I asked an instructor which one to pick and he said get one that you’ve gotten before. I told him I had never surfed before, and he told me that it didn’t matter what one I picked. He showed us in the sand how to stand up on the board about ten times and then we went into the ocean to try it out. The first time I fell and got caught in a bunch of seaweed. I scurried to the top and tried to get some air. When I got to the top I was covered with seaweed, but at least I could breathe. After that accident, I never had one like that again. I had a very fun week practicing surfing. Surf boards are very expensive so I don’t think I will save my money for one, but I might put it on my Christmas list.

Rancho Santa Fe Summer Camps

The next camp I went to was tennis camp, which was so fun. We got to play tennis a lot, and my dad got me a new tennis racquet and tennis shoes. My racquet is ruby red and quartz white and it is really shiny. My shoes are really super awesome and comfortable and they don’t scuff up the court at all. I was ok at tennis the first day but I got way better at it as the week went on. I was best at my forehand but not the best at my backhand. I think what will make me better at tennis is more practice. I have a lot to practice, but I think tennis is the best sport to do.

I went to golf camp the week after tennis camp, and I loved getting to ride in the big group golf cart over to the range! I went to one day of golf camp last summer but it wasn’t so fun. I have been practicing golfing with my parents this last year so now this summer, camp was a lot more fun and I stayed the whole week! I am still working on hitting with my driver because I don’t hit the ball very far with that club. I can hit a lot farther with my irons. Seven and nine iron are my favorite two clubs.

Rancho Santa Fe Summer Camps

Last week was my last week of camps. I went to sports camp at The Bridges and had the most fun of the whole summer. We played tennis, golf and swam in the pool every day. We played fun games with our instructor and I even won a three-pack of golf balls on the last day! We also had a water balloon fight on the last day. The instructors took a big slingshot and went from afar and tried to shoot water balloons at us. They told us if we caught one without it breaking they would give us a piece of candy, but it was pretty much impossible. Some kids tried to catch them in their hats but it didn’t work and they ended up getting soaked. Getting to play three sports in one day was my favorite!

I learned after going to six camps this summer that you should try new sports because you never know if you will like them. I learned how you can’t just take leather off of a cow to make things. You have to wash it, and do a lot more to it to use it. I learned how to hit golf balls with different clubs and I learned how to have fun! I am excited that my camps are over now so that I can go back to school and learn. This was the best first summer break from school ever! Have you tried out any of these Rancho Santa Fe Summer Camps or tried new things you didn’t think you’d like? We’d love to hear your story!