The San Diego Business Journal Honors Outstanding Businesswomen and Raises Money for Breast Cancer

“You never lose in business, either you win or you learn.” — Melinda Emerson, the “SmallBizLady”

San Diego business awards

The San Diego Business Journal‘s annual “Women Who Mean Business Awards” was held today at the Town and Country Resort & Convention Center, and WOW was it inspirational! Seeing over 200 nominees for the awards fill into one room, along with friends, colleagues and supporters were impressive. The way these businesswomen carried themselves and dressed was even impressive! I was blown away at the talent and creativity some of these ladies posses. The awards were given out in small groups and over 30 women, who mean business, ultimately won.

The event started with a sign-in and networking segment, where sponsors at tables talked about their products and had giveaways. At one table, I spun a wheel and won a lottery ticket! Some of the sponsors were Doctor Schwab, Bob Hoffman Video & Photography, and The Best To You Elegant Gift Baskets. All of the sponsors were so friendly and my fiancé Patrick and I had a great time chatting with them.

We grabbed a drink and headed in to our table for the event. They served a chicken salad lunch with dessert as well! We ate lunch as we got to know a lot of the people at our table. Two of them were nominees for the awards! Everyone had good business sense and polite, outgoing personalities, so it was easy to talk to just about anyone! I am looking forward to reaching out to a lot of the businesswomen that I met today and getting more information from them about what they do, and how they do it so well. They must have some insider tricks on how to do business, and if I find out I will let you all know!

The awards began with a few special awards, one of which was a Lifetime Achievement Award, given to Arline Fisch, an incredible artist, author, teacher and innovator. Her works of art have been in multiple well-known museums and in 1985 she was declared a “Living Treasure of California” by a Resolution in the California State Assembly. Her message was incredibly inspirational, and just seeing this 84-year-old woman on stage was an honor.

San Diego is a source for innovative leaders who continue to excel in their field. I love living here and finding someone new to learn and grow from each new day that I search. Today was a wonderful day to review some of my own business goals, and align them more with the ultimate vision for my success. I had a ton of fun and learned that San Diego is a very tight-knit community that cares a lot. Congratulations to the winners of this year’s Women Who Mean Business Awards!

Celeste Blodgett -ESET
Mary Ann McGarry -Guild Mortgage Company
Nancy Rohland -National University
Randa Coniglio -San Diego Unified Port District
Karen Harrison -Bank of America
Brandi Roberts –Mast Therapeutics
Colleen Collazo -Community Resource Center
Ann Berchtold -ART San Diego
Lynn Parshall -Isis Pharmaceuticals
Chanelle Hawken –San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce
Alison Fleury -Sharp HealthCare
Kathryn Lembo -South Bay Community Services

Kathryn Kantardjieff –California State University San Marcos
Patricia Perez -Ogletree
Olga Alvarez -Heisner Alvarez
Kris Michell -Downtown San Diego Partnership
Bobbi Brink -Lions, Tigers, and Bears
Rabbi Laurie Coskey -Center for
Amy Breen -Teva Pharmaceuticals
Menijeh Farrokhi -GKN Aerospace
Kayla Carnevale-Dynamik, Inc.
Mia Roseberry -Wounded Warrior Homes
Leslie Fishlock –Geek Girl
Joyce Tang -AgilisIT

Zeynep Ilgaz -Confirm Biosciences
Molly Nocon -Noah Homes
Patricia Hopkins –La Costa Solutions for Women
Susan Steele -Deloitte Tax LLP
Judy Foster -Women’s Wisdom
Gina Champion-Cain -American National Investments

Do you know a woman who means business? What qualities does she possess that make her so inspiring? Let us know your thoughts! Also, check out the San Diego Business Journal for more exciting upcoming events!