Rides, Shows, Great Food, and Incredible Animals at Seaworld San Diego

“With every drop of water you drink, every breath you take, you’re connected to the sea.”  -Sylvia Earle

Sea World San Diego
I have just rounded off my 10th month living in San Diego and all the while only a 12 minute drive from my place to SeaWorld. I have passed SeaWorld many times heading to the beach with a luke-warm desire to stop and take a look. It wasn’t until my dad recently came to town and confessed how badly he wanted to take my daughter to go see the dolphins that we finally went online (by clicking here) to purchase tickets.
The next morning we all loaded into the car. I didn’t have major expectations but was still pretty excited. SeaWorld, after all, is one of those “bucket list” items I had been dreaming about since I was a kid. As I got older though I just wasn’t sure how humane it all was, which was the major part that had kept me from attending. But that childlike feeling of “awe” and wonder hit me as we approached the big blue gates that look like waves of ocean water splashing in the sky. Giddy with anticipation of what lies on the other side, we all stopped for the quintessential family photo by the “Welcome to SeaWorld” sign. Like any major theme park, they have photographers in all sorts of places ready to snap your photo and give you a card to retrieve them at the photo stations. They also are cool about taking a photo with your phone for you as well, which I love! We were able to simply pull up the tickets on our phone and scan our way through the gates. There we were..at SeaWorld! Here are 4 reasons why SeaWorld San Diego is an amazing place:
Sea World San Diego
1. You can interact with animals!
A welcoming person handed us a map and immediately I was struck by how HUGE this place was. WOW – rides, stadiums for different animal shows, tons of restaurants, a children’s play area, aquariums, and gift shops! My dad really wanted a SeaWorld hat to wear to protect his head from the sun, and like magic, there was a huge gift store right near the front with a large selection. He quickly cashed out with one while the rest of us checked out a large pond nearby full of “Garra Rufa” which are the type of fish who eat dead skin (often used in “fish spas”) right off your hands. I’m usually scared to touch fish but seeing everybody else around giggling from the fishy kisses on their hands I slowly lowered mine into the water. Tons of the little guys swam up and began eating the dead skin off my hand – It felt like little kisses! Afterwards the hand I had let the fish nibble on was considerably more smooth and soft 🙂
Sea World San Diego
2. There are daily Sea Lion and Dolphin shows!
The entire day quickly passed. We enjoyed the various attractions of the park but we still didn’t see everything – that place is way bigger than I thought! A day pass gives you access to all the shows as well, and the map clearly states what times the Dolphin & Sea Lion shows are. We saw a Killer Whale show, which they do not do anymore. I was in awe at the sheer size and magnitude of the killer whales, they were huge! We also saw a Dolphin show and there was just SOMETHING so special about the dolphin show.. it was just so.. FUN! (Check out a clip here!) Watching the dolphin trainers interacting with the dolphins you could just feel the love they each had for one another. Pure joy was the feeling in the crowd as we watched at the edge of our seats as the trainers dove right in with the dolphins and performed as a true team – human and dolphin alike! I left the dolphin stadium with a smile ear to ear and feeling like I was 8 years old again 🙂
Sea World San Diego
3. You can eat delicious food and ride rides!
We enjoyed some fried fish and chips at a restaurant and my daughter indulged in a massive vanilla ice cream waffle cone. The hunger that such heat and excitement gives you can be easily met but the many restaurants, food and drink huts around the park. There are also a wide variety of rides to enjoy as well – from thrill seeking roller coasters and drenching river raft adventures to kiddie rides and little splash pads for toddlers. This is truly a very family friendly place for kids of all ages!
Sea World San Diego
4. Other animals are there too!
SeaWorld isn’t just about dolphins, fish and whales. There were a beautiful flock of Flamingos we stumbled upon while crossing a bridge on our way to see the sharks. And Sea Turtles were chillin’ in the sand and water as we headed a separate direction to feed the Sea Lions. By the way, for $5 you can get a handful of little fish and feed the sea lions which is such a cool experience.
All in all, I was really impressed with how clean and modern SeaWorld San Diego is. The staff are very friendly not just to the park visitors but very much to the animals as well. The theme of “One Ocean” around the park promoted keeping beaches clean and reserving water. All animals & fish seem very well fed and in a happy, peaceful state. I would recommend all visitors head to SeaWorld San Diego, as well as San Diego residents. Residents can visit Sea World for a day, or even get an Annual Sea World Pass to enjoy it on a more regular basis. It would be best not to feel the need to rush through all the attractions in one day! I may even get myself a year pass. I’ll definitely be back no matter what!
See you soon Sea World,
Chelsea Lin