If you are planning a tour to San Diego, California then you should not miss those places that are very famous and fun-filled. So, we decided to make a list of fun places in San Diego that are must visit places otherwise your visit would be left incomplete. Here is the list of places that are totally cool and full of fun:

San Diego Nighttime Zoo

1. San Diego’s Famous Zoo

It is must visit place when you are in San Diego with family and friends. This zoo shelters more than 4000 animals which also includes some rare species. There are some of the oldest animals known in this zoo like pandas, New Zealand Kiwis, and sun bears.  The zoo also has a small nursery of small animals where you can touch and cuddle them. This zoo is full of excitement for everyone. You can get a chance to see lots of different species of animals.

Sea World San Diego

2. Seaworld San Diego

A fun place to visit in San Diego is the SeaWorld where you explore the captivating world beneath the waves of water. You will have endless fun with the exciting rides, aquatic animals, and other entertaining shows. Don’t forget to check out lively dolphins, barking sea lions, and cute penguins. It is a must visit place for fun loving people.

Kayaking in La Jolla

3. Kayak Excursion in Sea Cave

Sea cave kayaking provides an opportunity to those who enjoy water sports. Also, there is a guide who will guide you on the journey through the sea cave. It is a fun-filled water activity that you will enjoy, for sure. You just need to get the best sea eagle kayak and you are good to go!

4. Sailing Tour to Coronado Island by San Diego Sailing Tours

San Diego sailing tours offer you a luxurious sailing tour. The captains also tell you the historical background of the places that come during your journey. Sailing tour to Coronado Island is full of thrill. Hotel Del Coronado is a must visit site there.

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5. Balboa Park

Balboa Park is a beautiful place for a leisure walk, bike ride and used as a picnic spot. The botanical buildings are one of the best things there.  This park has a variety of gardens which includes cactus garden, rose garden, a Japanese-style garden etc. this place should not be missed when you are in San Diego. It is open every day for the visitors.

6. Fleet Science Center

Fleet Science Center is a great place to visit for every age group. It is a science museum in Balboa Park. It gives the visitors an opportunity to learn and have fun too. If you have an interest in science, then fleet science center is a right place for you to visit.

San Diego, California is one of the beautiful places in the world that has so much to offer to the visitors. The list of six fun places we provided will be of some help to you when you are in San Diego and planning what sites to visit. Do consider the fun places we offered you.


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