“Love alone is worth the fight!” -Switchfoot

The Switchfoot Bro-Am Surf Competition yesterday was incredible! Thousands of people were surfing, sun bathing on the beach, listening to music, and having a wonderful day! San Diego is known to be perfect almost all of the time, however Switchfoot, a rock band from San Diego that puts on this annual event to bring the community together to make San Diego an even better place, made this an over-the-top day that I will never forget.
Switchfoot Bro-Am 2015
Parking was crazy and walking to the event from wherever I could find a spot was intense, but once I stepped foot on Encinitas’ Moonlight Beach, my mind was blown by the good vibes and happy people. After seeing Switchfoot in concert at the San Diego Fair and reading about the Bro-Am competition and concert online, my Brazilian friend Thais and I decided to head down and listen to Switchfoot perform! We walked on the beach and up by the stage past several booths where really great companies were promoting themselves.
Natural High San Diego

We met a few people from Natural High, a non-profit organization that inspires youth to find their passion in life “so they have a reason to say no to an artificial high.” They have a lot of celebrities that support their cause and links for parents and educators right on their website! You can pledge to live naturally high and Natural High inspires so many to do just that every day through their site and social media.

Sun Bum San Diego
We also met Sun Bum, a sunscreen company who prides themselves on having ingredients that are recommended by The Skin Care Foundation. They have tons of great facts on their website and protective sunscreen that lasts all day at the beach!

I received a free juice smoothie from Suja which is a natural juice company that provides pretty delicious smoothies, if I do say so myself!

Suja Juice San Diego

EcoXGear is another company who had a booth at the show! They provide waterproof speakers for your long days at the beach or pool. These speakers are some of the best you can find, and they are priced well too! Ella, my fiances daughter says that a waterproof speaker is one of the most important things to have this summer, so make sure to check out EcoXGear’s selection!

EcoXGear San Diego
At the end of the concert, we started walking up to the parking lot, when suddenly we saw a group of policemen coming toward us! I thought someone was getting kicked out of the event, but when we looked closer we saw that it was Switchfoot leaving the concert!! I recorded the band walking up the hill right past us with my video camera! How cool!!!
Switchfoot Bro-Am 2015
Overall, it was a fantastic day for some surfing and great music, and for the eleventh year in a row, Switchfoot made a huge impact in the community by hosting this event! Well done!