Overcoming The Challenges of Switching From Skiing to Snowboarding

My family and I have the luxury of being able to go down to the mountains every winter and ski the beautiful slopes. We usually head down to Salt Lake City, Utah, the home of our favorite ski and snowboard resorts. I was introduced to skiing around the age 8, and quickly picked it up. I was always scared of picking up speed and wiping out, so I wasn’t to much of a daredevil, but I was able to keep up with my dad and brother. I started skiing without thinking I even had the option of snowboarding, everyone in my family were skiers, and we skied in Deer Valley resort, where snowboarders aren’t allowed. Most of mSwitching from skiing to snowboardingy friends snowboarded, and after a few years I decided that I wanted to try something new begin the process of switching from skiing to snowboarding. Of course, my family wasn’t too excited about this because I had been skiing all my life and I wold have to start going to different ski resorts then Deer Valley, which meant separating from them. But I was determined to try snowboarding, and so I got all my new gear and hit the slopes.

  1. Realizing the differences: As I soon came to realize, switching from skiing to snowboarding wasn’t as easy as I had thought it would be. Skiing and Snowboarding are two completely different skills. I thought that maybe my advanced knowledge of skiing could help me quickly pick up learning snowboarding, but that was not the case.
  2. Switching resorts: While my family was enjoying their time skiing on the peaceful mountains of Deer Valley, I was alone on the Park City slopes, trying as hard as I could to not get in everyone’s way. I started the day snowboarding with falling every few seconds, and ended the day with bruises all over. I had been so used to Deer Valley resort, I knew all the runs by heart and was comfortable with the mountain, but at Park City I felt like I was just wandering around and getting lost on every turn.

Switching from skiing to snowboarding3. Going back to the basics: I realized that I was going to have to start all over, go back to the basics, and go into snowboarding school. I felt like I was young again, traveling the ‘magic carpet’, relearning how to get off the chair lift, learning to get down the hill and trying to link my turns. It made me start out with a negative outlook on the whole thing, I was impatient to start at the beginning, annoyed that I wasn’t able to get down the hill without falling, but that was what I had to do to become a snowboarder. So I took it as a challenge, the next year I had trouble again and had to take another lesson to refresh myself, but I quickly picked it up again. I was able to go on runs with my family again, and although I was always a little behind I began to enjoy snowboarding just as much as skiing. I took it as a challenge to teach myself and Switching from skiing to snowboardingget better, and now I love it more then ever.

Switching from skiing to snowboardingI am still only a beginner snowboarder compared to an advanced skier, but I’m glad that I challenged myself to overcome the process of switching from skiing to snowboarding. I’ve always wanted to do it and I pushed through and decided to do it no matter the hardships. No matter what you started to do, you can always change your path to do what you want to do! It won’t be easy of course, but if you put your mind to it you can do it!