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How You Can Dance to Get Fit For Your Wedding Day

There is nothing more special to a woman than her wedding day. My wedding was August 12th, 2017, and I will never forget that day in Coronado. (Watch the full wedding video here!) My fiancé and I looked around all over San Diego to find the best location for our ceremony, and I spent over a year planning every little detail. It was one of …

San Diego Wedding Wedding Photographer in San Diego

Interview with Cavin Elizabeth, Wedding Photographer in San Diego

In-Depth Interview with Cavin Elizabeth, an Incredible Wedding Photographer in San Diego “When people look through a wedding gallery or an album I’ve designed they laugh, cry, and smile like they were at that wedding. Imagine having an even stronger feeling when you see the images I create from your wedding. It’s a powerful form of storytelling your future children will cherish and pass on to their …