Overcoming So Much, Tara Mackey Now Lives an Organic Lifestyle

“Nature has a medicine cabinet, you just have to open it.-Unknown

Tara Mackey is an incredibly inspiring woman who, after being on many different prescription drugs for many years, decided to quit taking them all, and begin looking for natural alternatives instead. She has since learned about so many wonderful natural products, herbs and vitamins that have completely changed her life. Her website theorganiclifeblog.com features stories of her life experiences and how she uses her natural remedies in her day-to-day life. Watch this video to hear about her past, how she came to be who she is today, and a bit more about her new book Cured by Nature:

Tara was born in New York, and moved out here to California when she was tired of her medications, and decided to “take a leap of faith”. She knew she needed to make a big change in her life, and decided moving out west was the perfect solution. When she got off the train in Encinitas, she immediately found the Self Realization Center in Encinitas, which she absolutely fell in love with.

Tara was on 14 different pharmaceutical medications for 11 years starting when she was 13 years old. All of the medications were very intense, and by the time she was 24, she had studied to become a scientist and wanted to continue her education in science. She had temporary goals, but then she also had other goals, such as simply wanting to be happy. She felt absolutely miserable and the more pills she took, the worst she felt. So, she came off all of her drugs cold turkey, (which she does not recommend), but throughout this process, she learned more about life than she was prepared to learn. She started reading books she had never read before, and started looking for natural alternatives to the medications she had been on. Within a week of being off her pills, she had found a natural alternative to almost everything she had been taking previously, and knew that organic living was the answer.

Tara Mackey San Diego Lifestyle

In Tara’s book, Cured by Nature, she explains how you can be happy and live your best life. She goes into deep, personal detail about her journey and life story, and she shares with you many natural remedies that may also help you in your own life.

You can purchase Tara’s new book Cured by Nature here and you can also find it in some local San Diego shops and cafes. Make sure to visit her website for new blog stories posted often, and follow her on Instagram for daily inspiration! Have you already tried a natural remedy? What have you tried, and how did you like it? We’d love to hear!