A year ago I interviewed Tara about her book Cured by Nature, and recently I got to chat with her about her second book, WILD Habits! Tara spent many years of her earlier life addicted to prescription pain medicine and finally decided to find natural alternatives to every one of these medications. Check out this amazing video where she explains why the book is called WILD Habits, and how you can start to create some positive habits in your life:

Tara’s book WILD Habits inspires me to always look for answers beyond what is seen at first glance. The W in WILD stands for willingness and the I stands for intuition. The L stands for love and the D stands for discipline. Tara thinks these four characteristics are a winning combination for creating new habits.
We also discussed some harmful habits that a lot of people have. I asked Tara about how she recognizes procrastination and she told me about how intuition plays a huge part in this. We need intuition to figure out what’s working and what’s not working. I love how she explained that procrastinating is the difference between knowing that you actually need to take the day off and binge watching episodes on TV all night trying to avoid the things you have to do. Self honesty and self trust play a huge part in this as well.
Tara Mackey WILD Habits
We also talked about what to do when you really hate someone and can’t get away from them. This was a really interesting conversation and something that I struggle with quite a bit. Tara allowed me to take on a different viewpoint on this and realize that whatever it is that I am hating is really something about me that I hate. A lot of people can’t physically get away from their family members or coworkers and they just have to try to deal with them but what they CAN do is understand how they are currently thinking, and how they can change their thoughts to result in a different emotion. You have to learn to forgive yourself and turn your hate into a strong dislike overtime.
Tara talked a lot about some great habits such as going outside or dancing. These habits are FREE in San Diego something that Tara was surprised about when she moved here from New York! She always suggests going to the beach and enjoying yourself for an hour or two. It’s the best medicine!
Tara Mackey WILD Habits
I asked Tara what she would do if she had $1000 to start her business all over again. She has no debt and no investors that she owes, which she loves and would do again in a heartbeat! She said she would spend a few hundred on an assistant and save the rest because she loves to save! She really likes the idea of splitting your money up into different aspects of your business or saving it for future purchases.
You can buy Tara’s book WILD Habits at your local Barnes & Noble and if you want a signed copy you can buy it at wildhabitsbook.com directly from Tara.
She has been a huge inspiration in my life when it comes to business and love and passion and all-around-life and I think San Diego is a much better place for having her here! Don’t forget to watch the rapidfire questions at the end of the interview!