Ever since I first started working for myself, I have always loved to network. Before I moved to San Diego, I used social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to connect with other entrepreneurs online who were also looking to grow. Since moving to San Diego I have attended a lot of in-person networking events at many fabulous locations around town. Recently I went to an event at The Point which really topped it all off. The Business Babes are a group of working women here in San Diego who love to meet and network. This was my first Business Babes event, (check out all of the event photos here!!) but it certainly will not be my last! The Point made this event very memorable for a few reasons, and I would LOVE to host an event at this special space for a few reasons.:

  • Mission Bay Location

Mission Bay is an exciting part of San Diego, just a few minutes from downtown San Diego, and only 20 minutes from where I live inland of Del Mar! There are so many great beaches in this area, and places to enjoy family friendly activities like picnics and bonfires. Especially for business networking or retreats, Mission Bay is a perfect centra location for everyone to meet where they are driving from L.A. or flying into the San Diego airport downtown.

Mission Bay San Diego

  • Great Parking

Pulling up to The Point, I expected very little to no parking. Here in San Diego we always have a parking shortage, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a large parking lot with another large parking lot just a quarter mile down the driveway. After walking up to the event space from the parking lot, I started to really realize why this space is so incredible.

The Point Business Networking

  • Many Different Options

Within The Point event space, there are many different options for uses. It is a 14,000 square foot complex with dry erase walls and desks that you can move around in several different variations. (They also host more private events like weddings and larger parties here as well.) You can see photos of different desks and spaces that they have on their website, and even the outdoor activities that are available.

The Point Business Networking

  • Lighting/AV Equipment

The wifi is top-notch and they have HDTV’s and a mounted projector, so you do not have to worry about looking good in this space, your business will shine. During the Business Babes event, there were a few speakers, and each one was clearly heard, and they even used the projector so we could see Powerpoint slides as the speakers talked.

The Point Business Networking

  • Outdoor Ambiance

During the Business Babes event, there were many vendors with booths and tables setup all throughout the space which made it so fun to adventure around The Point and see every inch. There were donuts setup in the back, and outside they had a photo booth setup in a van. It was so cool, with lights and music, it was really a space where you could feel the connection throughout even with many different activities and things to see. It was dark outside during our event, but I could tell there was a lot more outside that I could not even see.

The Point Business Networking

  • Water Activity Possibilities

After looking at The Point website, I learned that they offer really unique outdoor activities unlike any other event space I have ever seen. In their packages, they have jet ski and other watersports as options. Imagine coming from a team breakout session and heading out for an hour to jet ski? Wow, what an experience that would be! I’m guessing you can clearly start to see how this event space is a step above the rest!

The Business Babes San Diego

As you can see there are many reasons to love this event space. The Point even has memberships if you have plans to host incredible events often, so if you’re interesting in memberships or just a one day event, visit their website. If you’d like to learn more about Business Babes events, check out their Facebook Page here. Have you thought about The Point as an event venue for your business before or is this the first time you’re learning about it? I would love to know!