Do you enjoy drinking but don’t want it to negatively affect your safety? If so, here are the top 5 alcohol safety tips you need to know when out in San Diego.

San Diego is known as “America’s Finest City,” with more than 35 million annual visitors. By day, there are a plethora of beaches and attractions from which to choose. At night, there are clubs, concert venues, and top-tier restaurants. 

Are you planning a trip to San Diego? Enjoy the fun, sun, and nightlife. But don’t let drinking negatively affect your health or vacation.

If you’re planning to party while in San Diego, remember these five alcohol safety tips! 

1. Moderation versus Binge Drinking

Knowing what constitutes moderate drinking is important. Recent studies offer conflicting evidence about the positive effects of alcohol. But everyone agrees that if you’re drinking, the more moderate your intake the better. 

So what is moderate?

For women, it’s one drink or less per day. For men, it’s two drinks or less per day. If you’re out with friends enjoying cocktails, it’s easy to over-consume.

How much is a drink?

  • A 5-ounce glass of wine
  • One 12-ounce beer
  • One cocktail with 1.5 ounces of spirits

Binge drinking is five or more drinks in a two-hour sitting. Read more about it at BrainSpark Health

2. Know Your Limits

Some people have a higher tolerance than others. A petite woman can’t drink as much as a large man. A person who drinks on a regular basis has a higher tolerance for alcohol than someone who doesn’t.

Decide before you go out how many drinks you’ll have. For women, maybe one drink isn’t realistic. But, keep your consumption to two drinks or fewer. For men, don’t drink more than three drinks. 

Stick to your limit. If someone offers you a drink and you’ve had your limit, have something non-alcoholic instead. 

Don’t play drinking games. They encourage extreme binge drinking. They can even result in acute alcohol intoxication and death. 

3. Eat First

Drinking on an empty stomach is a bad idea. The alcohol absorbs into your bloodstream through the stomach walls. If your stomach is empty, this happens much faster. 

There are many great restaurants in San Diego. Hit one up before you hit the booze. Try some protein and fiber along with healthy fats, like avocado before you drink. 

EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. — Florida statute defines driving under the influence as a person driving or in actual physical control of a vehicle who is under the influence of alcohol or other controlled substances with a blood-alcohol level of 0.08 or higher. (U.S. Air Force photo illustration by Senior Airman Mike Meares)

4. Use a Designated Driver

You’ve heard this so many times, but it bears repeating: Don’t drink and drive! No matter how “fine” you think you are, it’s a  dumb idea. If you’re drinking, take a cab or have a designated driver. 

More than 30% of driving fatalities in the U.S. are caused by drunk drivers. 

5. Avoid Drugs and Drinking

There are few drugs that mix well with alcohol. Mixing recreational drugs and alcohol can be fatal, even at small doses.

Even innocent drugs like acetaminophen are dangerous when drinking. Mixing alcohol and pain medications can cause liver damage and internal bleeding. Impaired motor function and dizziness are other potential side effects. 

Always read the label on any medications you’re taking. Make sure alcohol won’t cause negative effects. A

Alcohol Safety While Out in San Diego

San Diego is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. With its temperate climate, sunny, beaches, and great nightlife, you can’t go wrong.

But while you’re enjoying your vacation, practice alcohol safety. Never drink on an empty stomach and know your limits. Don’t mix alcohol and drugs. Never drive after drinking.

Then you’ll remember your vacation for all the right reasons! 

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