I feel like I have never been as inspired in my life as I am here in San Diego. It’s an incredibly active community where the sun is out and makes you feel energetic every single day! There are so many people making the most of these moments, and I am always sure to find them on Instagram, a social platform centered around beautiful images and videos. I am always looking for motivation on Instagram, and a few special people stand out in my mind for inspiration. Check out this video to meet 5 women here in San Diego who are inspiring many people on Instagram with their posts and videos.:

1. @absandavocado

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Anisha created her Instagram account in 2016.

Her profile is all about her experience with health wellness and fitness. She loves eating healthy all week long (for the most part), and showcasing different restaurants around town where you can eat heathy too. She usually weight trains 5 days a week, does cardio once a week, and does other exercises too.

Her favorite recipe is a banana bread recipe with no added sugar or fats.

Her favorite places in town to workout at are the Convention Center stairs (Cost effective, and highly effective), an Ashley Lane fitness gym, or a gym that gas a spin class. The message she would like to convey is that being active and fit doesn’t have to be hard or daunting. For nutrition, you can always find a way to swap something out on a menu to make it easier to be healthy. For fitness, try different things that inspire you and don’t give up until you find something you enjoy doing.


2. @so_this_is_50

san diego fitness

Laura created her page to inspire women who are getting older because she will be 50 very soon. She posts some recipes but mostly fitness photos. She posts a lot about what types of workouts women should be doing as they get older, because it really changes a lot.


3. @dietandfries

san diego fitness

Michelle posts healthy and easy recipes on motivational Monday, and on Fridays she makes fries, or features fries from a local restaurant.

She likes to make food that is easy for everyone to make quickly on their busiest days. She usually has about a half hour to make food, so everything she makes needs to be quick. She focuses on the fact that life is a balance, so if you can eat healthy most of the time, you can splurge for the fries on Fridays.


4. @iam.amandanicole

san diego fitness

Amanda inspires, empowers and motivates women through her own fitness journey.

She used to be so shy and not an outgoing person at all, but now she is trying to break out of her shell, and she is trying to teach women who are just like her that it’s ok to do things that challenge them because that’s really the only way you can grow. She posts things about fitness, her personal life, recipes, and more.


5. @dancetrixfitness

san diego fitness

She started her Instagram account because she believes in positivity and she believes that it can be really hard to live a healthy life. She didn’t grow up eating healthy, and she grew up in a household where she was told as a girl that she shouldn’t do push ups because men don’t like muscles. So she tries to show others how to live a healthy life, be a strong woman, and be a woman in any way you want. It’s not about muscles, or being skinny. Your body is going to be what it is going to be, and it is all beautiful. She loves showing others that you can live a healthy life in our own way, and she loves making friends with people who are different, unique, and healthy in their own ways.


So you can easily see why these are the top 5 women who inspire me the most on Instagram. Have you been following them already? Let me know your thoughts. If you haven’t, which one sounds the most interesting to follow first and why? I’d love to hear from you!