Why Which Wich is One of Our Favorite Sandwich Shops

“I draw hundreds and hundreds of pictures of sort of gnarly looking men, so I don’t know what that tells you. People who look like… they’re waiting for a sandwich that’s never going to come. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.” – Dylan Moran

San Diego dining

I know many people have their favorite deli spot for a sub, and I’ m no different.  However, there are quite a few great sandwich chains here in San Diego as well.  Our family thinks the best chains are Jimmy Johns, Jersey Mike’s, Quiznos, Which Wich, and Panera Bread.  The Whole Foods Deli makes great sandwiches, and my seven year-old really loves veggie sandwiches at Subway.

The Daily Meal’s List of America’s 25 Best Sandwich Shops includes all of these sandwich shops on our regular route, except Subway and the Whole Foods Deli, which I’m sure was an oversight!  My hands-down favorite sub chain is Which Wich.  Like all good sub shops, Which Wich always has high quality meats, fresh bread, and super fresh ingredients.  The restaurant is always clean and the servers are always friendly and polite.

San Diego Dining

The process at Which Wich is just as the name implies:  you grab a brown paper bag with your protein of choice and customize your sandwich.  The options are not unlimited, but they are very broad.  There are about eight categories of proteins from which to choose.  Most of the protein choices have a variety of prep as well.  For example, the turkey option has four or five choices of the turkey alone!  Each bag has different sandwich options, such as white versus wheat bread and you can get them hot or cold. There are three size choices, and there are also bread-less options like the lettuce-wich. Below these first choices you’ll choose the vegetables, spreads, dressings, condiments, and other options.

San Diego Dining

At the end of the sandwich bag line, before the cash register, there are small cards with milk shake choices and dessert options, or you can get your favorite soft drink or water. I love the Oreo shake!  It is just plain yummy!  Like any good sub shop, Which Wich has a good selection of chips, including their own original chips. It only takes a few minutes to wait for your sandwich and shake order.  Kids love it too because there is a special Kid’s bags of sandwich choices!  Which Wich, has so many different options that you’re bound to find a delicious type of “wich” that you enjoy.  You can even order Which Wich Online before you get there if you’re in a hurry and you don’t want to wait in line!

There are two Which Wich locations pretty close to our house:  a Del Mar Heights location across from Torrey Pines High School, and a south Carlsbad in the Forum Shops mall.  There is seating inside and outside at the Forum Shops location.  It is usually pretty busy, so you sometimes have to be a little patient to get a place to sit, but the outside seating is great and worth the short wait.   Even if you can only grab your order to eat in the car, office, or on the go, it is worthwhile to try Which Wich.

San Diego Dining

Right now at Which Wich, while you wait for your order, you can use colorful Sharpie markers to draw on the sandwich bags.  If you color a bag with an Independence Day theme, they will donate it to veterans full of goodies. I recently colored a bag like a flag with blue stars and red and white stripes. I also put different hopeful words on the bag and then hung my bag where others had hung theirs. I saw almost 100 different bags at the Forum Shops location, and this was a couple weeks ago.   All of the bags were decorated with awesome bright colors, and ready to be sent out to veterans. I think it’s really cool that Which Wich spends time supporting the veterans in our community.

Don’t forget to stop by before the Fourth of July to draw your own bag and help the veterans have a special surprise on Independence Day!

San Diego Dining

We want to hear from you!  If you check out Which Wich, please let me know what sandwich you order, and if you like it!  What is your favorite sandwich shop in San Diego?  Where do you get your all-time favorite sub?  Which type of sandwich is your favorite? What do you like on it?