“The yoga mat is a good place to turn when talk therapy and antidepressants aren’t enough.” – Amy Weintraub

Maduka Yogitoes Yoga Pad

When you’re just beginning to cultivate a yoga practice, any yoga mat will work. But once you start to step on your mat daily, it is beneficial to invest in a yoga mat that will make your practice more comfortable and help you to perform better.

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Below are a variety of options based on the type of yoga you practice and what you would like most out of your yoga mat.

To towel or not to towel?

When one of my students asks for my opinion buying a yoga mat, I always ask him or her the same question. Do you like practicing with a towel on your yoga mat or without a towel on your mat?

lululemon Yoga Mat


If you aren’t practicing in the heat or practicing a vigorous type of unheated yoga that makes you sweat, practicing with or without a towel on your mat won’t matter to you much. But if you do enjoy hot yoga, you know your mat can quickly become a slip-n-slide if you don’t have a towel handy!

If you like practicing with a towel on your mat…

Some practitioners prefer to have a yoga towel like a yogitoes.

on their mat to ensure that no slip-n-slide action occurs. Yogitoes are towels that are made with sticky grips on one side and feature a regular towel feel on the other. Once the yogitoes gets wet (either from sweat or added water), it sticks to the yoga mat. You can wash your yogitoes after each time you practice like you would a regular beach towel.

Manduka ProLite Yoga Mat


If you prefer the feel of a towel on your mat choose Manduka’s PROlite as you definitely need a towel to use this mat effectively. It is slick, especially when you first purchase it, but the quality is remarkable. Despite the quality, it is still thin enough that you can carry it with you easily if you ride your bike to yoga.

This mat is made in a dozen different colors and comes with a Manduka Lifetime Guarantee. This yoga mat is no joke: some of my yoga teacher friends who practice daily have had their Manduka PROlite for over 5 years and it is still in amazing shape.  Another very cool mat is the Maduka’s Pro Limited Edition.

Manduka Limited Edition Pro Yoga Mat


If you despise having a towel on your mat…

Select lululemon’s The Mat as it absorbs your sweat. When I practice with this mat, I usually have a towel nearby to dab the sweat on my body but never need a towel on my mat. It really does work! After practice, lay this mat out to dry until your next sweat session.

Other options

Extra leg room…

Any former basketball players out there? Manduka makes great extra-long mat options so that everyone – no matter your size – can get your practice on.

Express yourself…

If you admire Manduka and lululemon’s colors but want even more pizzazz, check out the gorgeous mats from La Vie Boheme Yoga. These mats are basically works of art! If having something pretty to glance at when you’re practicing helps to uplift your mood, I definitely recommend this company.

La Vie Boheme Yoga Mat


If you’re still on the hunt for YOUR perfect yoga mat, we are here to help! Leave a comment below or email me at blairwriter@gmail.com.