Yoga Sculpt

Have you ever tried a Yoga Sculpt class? This format, offered at studios around San Diego such as Mantra Yoga and Juice Bar in Carlsbad, Hot Yoga Healthy You in Temecula and Sculpt Fusion in Carmel Valley, is growing increasingly popular. Each class tones muscles and torches calories while still giving you a little bit of yoga so that it benefits not just the body but the mind and the soul as well. What’s not to love?

Some are hesitant to commit to Yoga Sculpt, however, as they are concerned about the safety of the format and if it is upholding the authenticity of the practice.

Is Yoga Sculpt Really Yoga?


Yoga Sculpt classes in San Diego add dumbbells to traditional yoga asanas such as crescent lunge, Warrior II, and reverse warrior. The weights add a new challenge to these traditional poses so that when students step onto their mats again for a vinyasa practice, they will feel stronger in each posture. Yoga Sculpt classes also include exercises like pushups, bicep curls, squats, and lunges, and incorporate cardio bursts featuring fun endurance-building moves like jumping jacks. The music is usually more upbeat and has a quicker tempo than the music you hear in most yoga classes to keep students motivated.

Yoga Sculpt is usually practiced in a heated room so that students can still reap the benefits of a heated practice. Muscles warm quicker in the heated room so that students are able to deeply stretch and strengthen and the heat increases the sweat and therefore detoxifying aspects of the format. Yoga Sculpt junkies love this format because they leave the room feeling invigorated and refreshed just like they do after practicing hot yoga, but they have also toned on top of that and built cardiovascular endurance along the way. Yoga Sculpt not only strengthens the muscles yogis need for a strong practice (think tricep kickbacks for stronger chaturangas), but utilizes muscles that aren’t used as frequently in yoga.


Despite Yoga Sculpt’s many benefits, for every Sculpt fan there is also usually a disgruntled yogi out there who feels like Yoga Sculpt belongs in a gym, not a yoga studio.

While Yoga Sculpt does not follow the traditional guidelines of yoga outlined thousands of years ago, I celebrate the way that yoga has evolved to include classes that mix the mindfulness of yoga with fitness. If the format brings people to their mats for Sun As, Sun Bs, and other postures with a fun workout in between, why not?

Yoga Sculpt


There are many different kinds of yoga. While some people love the added intensity of Yoga Sculpt, others revel in the breath work of Kundalini. That is the beautiful aspect about the practice; there is something for every personality. It just comes down to finding what motivates you to get on your mat and strengthen your body, mind, and spirit.

Well + Good, a popular wellness website writes, “It’d be easy to write off classes that combine yoga and free weights as just another clever fitness fad, especially given the practice’s spiritual side”, but “yoga sculpt classes have become fixtures on the wellness scene.”

Have you ever tried Yoga Sculpt? Did it seem like yoga to you?